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ECN-2 Color Film Developing Kit


This is a small batch kit that I made for those who want to give ECN-2 processing a shot.

What you get are the powdered chemicals to make the developer and bleach.

***You'll have to provide your own fixer. I use Ilford RapidFix, but whatever you use for B&W film will work just fine.

Each kit makes 1 liter of developer and 1 liter of bleach. It should develop over a dozen rolls and last on the shelf for a month or so. I've stretched those limits, but you gotta be careful there.

It contains: Developer and Bleach

Each chemical is in its own plastic bag and is well-marked.


It's best to mix the chemicals in the order in which they are numbered.

For Dev:
-Heat around 800ml of distilled water to around 110F.
-Add Developer chemicals one by one (#1 to #5) while stirring. Dissolve each before moving onto the next.
-Stir until fully dissolved.
-Add water until you get a full liter.
-Pour developer into 1 liter bottle.

For Bleach:
-Do the same as above.

Again, you provide your own Fixer. I use Ilford RapidFix.

Remjet Removal (if necessary - for motion picture film only):
[Temps for Remjet Removal aren't incredibly important. The water should be hot, but not hotter than 106ish. Kodak recommends 80F to 100F]
-There's no need to presoak unless you're using motion picture film with Remjet.
--in that case, heat 1 liter of water to 80-100F and add 3T of baking soda to it.
--Pour solution into developing tank and agitate the hell out of it for a minute or so.
--Pour out and do a couple of washes to return the pH level of the water and film to where it should be.

Developing Sequences:
[Temps are much more important. Kodak gives a ±2F for everything]
-Bring Developer, Bleach and Fixer (and whatever stop bath you're using) to 106F (±2).

1. Developer - 3:00mins @ 106F ±2
2. Water Stop bath - 60secs @ 80 to 100F [Get closer 100F]
3. Wash (Ilford Method) @ 80 to 100F [Get closer to 100F]
4. Bleach - 3:00mins @ 100F ±2
5. Wash (Ilford Method) @ 80 to 100F
5. Fixer - 5:00mins @ 100F ±2 (Use any fixer, but I like Ilford RapidFix)
6. Wash (Ilford Method) @ 80 to 100F
7. Hang till dry!

Like C-41, you reuse this developer. When finished devving your rolls, just pour it back into the container. It should keep for over a month and I've gotten 20+ rolls out of it.

To see negatives developed with this kit, check out #diyecn2 on Instagram